PuppyNumber7 (Thomas) 


Cute, affectionate and well behaved puppies. (Pictured at left - puppies at 3 weeks old. Thomas is at 9 o'clock, Elisabeth is to his left above him (all black), and Raja is at top right, only 1/2 showing (black & white).

Adam, PuppyNumber1

9 weeks old.

Male. Is the leader of the pack. Playful and friendly; not aggressive towards the other puppies, preferring a friendly tussle with Raja (his second-in-charge). Strongest of the puppies.

Evie, PuppyNumber2

9 weeks old.

Female. Woolly coat. Black & White with lots of brindling. Alpha female. Often plays with Adam & Badger. Gets jealous easily - likes attention. Playful and energetic.

Raja, PuppyNumber3

9 weeks old. We kept him.

Second in charge. Follows Adam around. Gets jealous easily, likes attention. Friendly and nice.

Elisabeth, PuppyNumber4

9 weeks old. We kept her.

Female. Very dark reddish brown, almost black. A nice quiet little puppy, with very good manners. Gentle and playful. More like Mum in build.

Bear, PuppyNumber5

9 weeks old.

Male. Very, very dark red brown, almost black. A little like Mum but bigger than Elisabeth. Smaller build than the Black & Whites. Plays well with the bigger males. Playful and friendly.

Elsie, PuppyNumber6

9 weeks old.

Female. Woolly coat. Very playful. Holds her own with the bigger pups. Cute.

Thomas, PuppyNumber7

9 weeks old. We kept him.

Male. Friendly and gentle. Could be the leader of the pack but doesn't want the job. Likes to play but isn't rough. Nice puppy will grow into a nice dog.

Colette, PuppyNumber8

9 weeks old.

Female. Friendly and playful. Loves human company. Prefers to stay out of puppy squabbles. Very intelligent.


3 weeks old

PuppyNumber7 (left) and Colette


6 weeks old

Enjoying the sunshine. It's a dog's life.


Aged 3 years.

All grown up.


Twitter: @PuppyNumber7