PuppyNumber7 (Thomas) 

Welcome to PuppyNumber7's family history site. PuppyNumber7's proper name is Thomas.

He is now 3 and a half years old and lives with his human Nan & Pop on a 20 acre block off the Warrego Highway in Blacksoil, Queensland, Australia.

Other members of his family living with him include his mother (Sammy), his litter brother (Raja), his litter sister (Elisabeth), 3 cats, 2 horses and a multitude of wildbirds.

Thomas has been raised with devotion, care and attention, and he is intelligent, friendly and playful.


Well, for one thing, he loves to herd. He herds us, our cats and our chickens. He is very active, so it is lucky we live on 20 acres. His favourite game is catching the frisbee, which he always brings back to our feet for another throw. He is very intelligent, loving and gentle, but he does not like anyone (including Pop) getting close to Nan, and puts himself in between.

At 4pm every day we feed hundreds of wild birds (like cockatoos, galahs, lorikeets, pigeons, doves etc) and Thomas has learned to chase the crows away without scaring the other birds. We also have a couple of horses here but he is scared of them - if they come his way when he is out in the paddocks, he will go inside the house.

He loves a car ride too. When Pop is going out in the RV ute, he knows he is going too if we put his collar on, and he gets extremely excited and sticks to Pop like glue, herding him. But if we don't put his collar on, he knows he isn't allowed to go with Pop this time and instead he goes up to the front gate to wait for Nan to open it for Pop to go out.

His favourite games are frisbee and soccer, and he loves his tennis balls. He has a glow-in-the-dark frisbee so we can play at night. Makes it easier to find when Nan throws it into the trees, too. He almost always catches the frisbee, even when Pop throws it a long way. Sometimes his sister Elisabeth beats him to catch it, which means he has to chase her around to get it off her. But he always bring it back to us to throw again. After they play with the frisbee, they usually have a swim in the pool to cool off, as they get quite hot (we call it "long tongue").

He loves a game of soccer, too, playing with all the other dogs to get the ball and run for a try. They have 15 soccer balls and 7 tennis balls to play with.

They are funny with the pool. When it is sparkling clean, they have to be encouraged to swim and they usually just walk around in the shallow end. But when it is dirty (like a swamp) they leap in and swim around, just like the dam at the bottom of our block. Strange.

Nan has a special tune on her mobile phone that only Pop's number activates, and Thomas knows that tune. As soon as it plays he gets excited, because he knows it's his Pop calling. He tries to herd Nan up to the gate to open it to let Pop's car in, which he is allowed to get in for the short ride to the garage. If Nan is out of earshot of her mobile when Pop rings, Thomas will find her and let her know that Pop has rung.

Thomas is devoted to his sister, brother and mother. In fact, he eats from the same bowl as his sister. When they were very little, we tried to give them a bowl each but they both got very confused and ran from one bowl to the other, and ended up eating from the same bowl together. So we got them a big bowl and they share their meal.

We have three cats, and Thomas considers them a part of the family. He always gives way to them (except when he's trying to herd them) and has never chased them. He loves cat food and sits waiting patiently until the cats have eaten their fill, then he moves in to clear up any leftovers. His brother Raja is usually right there with him in this activity! Both Raja & Thomas also like to get the empty cat food tin so they can lick it clean.


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